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Sound Healing Practitioner
“Sound healing is a tool for those who desire to take the journey back to self one beat at a time.”-Doree Igwe
Sound Healing has shown to support stress reduction, pain relief, and promote restful sleep. Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath Immersion included:
• relief from stress or anxiety
• pain reduced
• peace of mind and mental clarity
• emotional healing or release
• continuing self development
• better sleep
• spiritual connection, integration and wholeness
Doree is a practicing Sound Healing Practitioner who received her certification through the SoundEmbrace Institute in Atlanta, Ga. She has dedicated over 17 years working in the healthcare field and is now creating space for those who are looking for new ways to enhance their health and well-being.
Doree is the founder and creator of Sage-N-Sound Bowls where she offers support in dealing with stress, anxiety, self healing and self care. Her soothing tranquil sound baths creates a cleansing experience that help her clients relax in peace, relate to truth, and release what no longer serves.