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Sound therapy, Meditation, Reiki, Energy healing, Breath work, Herbalism, and Somatic therapy
Ni’Sea is a community based energy healer who recently relocated to the greater Atlanta area from her hometown Milwaukee,WI. She has been practicing energy healing, breath work, herbalism and somatic therapy for the past 7 years, launching her business Earth’s Herbs 3 years ago to expand to working with others. She offers services such as Reiki, sound baths, guided meditation, restorative movement and energetic consultations with the emphasis of helping people connect to their personal power. She began her healing journey out of necessity when battling chronic pain and disease, prompting a lifestyle shift centered around holistic wellness.
Although the large majority of Ni’Sea’s practices have been intuitively led Spirit based work, she has received communal training in herbalism, Usui Reiki Master level certifications, as well as training in breath work and meditation. In addition to the services she offers, she also creates and sells handcrafted oils, salts, teas and body adornments.